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AntiMicrobial Coated Shelving


What is Antimicrobial coated shelving?

Antimicrobial coated shelving is shelving that is coated with a chemical compound which is toxic to microorganisms which inhibits the ability of Microorganisms to grow on the surface of the shelving helping to limit the spread of bacteria.

Independently certified tests prove that Trimarant Shelving Products treated with Antimicrobial coating benefits from up to 99.9% reduction in bacteria on their surface, helping create a cleaner and more hygienic environment. When micro-organisms come into contact with an antimicrobial protected surface their growth is inhibited, reducing microbial populations resulting in a more hygienic product.

Antimicrobial technology is incorporated into Trimarant Manufacturing Angle Keyhole shelving systems when Antimicrobial coated, offering constant protection against a wide range of microbes. All of our antimicrobial products are independently certified for antimicrobial efficacy and can boast a rating of 99.9%. 


Easy to assemble, 13 standard lengths, 5 widths to select from and 4 standard heights to choose from. There is a size that will fit your space.


BioCote are the world’s leading antimicrobial additive supplier. With over 20 years’ experience, BioCote are experts in antimicrobial technology and are dedicated to helping businesses around the world create products that are more hygienic and protected against the negative effects of bacteria, mould and fungi. 


BioCote protected products are used and trusted by millions of people every day. Wherever you see the BioCote logo, superior antimicrobial performance is guaranteed. 


BioCote.  A sign of quality
The BioCote brand is recognised globally as a guarantee of superior antimicrobial performance. BioCote’s proven technology sets the antimicrobial standard.

What does BioCote Technology do?
BioCote Technology makes your product antimicrobial, protecting it against bacteria and mould. Your BioCote protected product is:

  • more hygienic

  • protected against stains

  • protected against odours

  • protected against material degradation

  • easier to keep hygienically clean

  • safer to use

  • will last and perform longer

Where to use Trimarant Manufacturing Antimicrobial coated shelving systems.


  • Health care facilities, including hospitals, Aged care facilities, pathology labs.

  • Child Day care centres where the prevalence of child sickness is high.

  • Food storage areas.

Purchase AntiMicrobial Shelving Products online:

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