Frequently asked questions

How long are the parties for?

Our Slime parties last 2 hours play, our entertainers will arrive 15 minutes earlier to set up.

Do the children get to keep the slime they make?

Yes, they will take two 12oz pots full of slime.

What do I need to provide?

Only the location of the party, and food. We will bring everything else including, table cloths and gift bags.

Will I get mess everywhere and ruin home fabrics?

We try our best to avoid any mess outside the table, and will clean after ourselfs, but our slime is made with pva glue, and will come off all fabric with water or white vinegar.

What is the party plan?

* Make the first slime * Decorate and play with the slime they made * Put the first slime away in their personalised gift bag. * Make the second slime. * Decorate the second slime. * Learn how to make stress balls using water beads. * Make their own stress ball.

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