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Commercial Cool Room Shelving

Fitted with wire shelves or ABS plastic shelves.​
+ zinc plated with ABS cool room storage
+ zinc plated ABS shelves.JPG

It's all about the food

For use in Commercial coolrooms, kitchens, food prep areas Dry store areas and general storage areas.

Easy to assemble, 13 standard lengths, 5 widths to select from and 4 standard heights to choose from. There is a size that will fit your space.

Bright zinc plated is the most economical to choose from. Zinc plating offers protection against corrosion by water and moisture.

Easy and straight forward to assemble and if the need arises down the track, easy to move levels up or down.

ABS plastic shelves and wire shelves simply sit in place.  ABS shelves are easy to remove and clean and can even go in the dishwasher to clean. No nuts or bolts, easily assembled with a hammer or mallet. 


Adjustable feet to suit uneven floors.

Available in Antimicrobial coated, with wire shelves, Bright Zinc plated with wire or ABS shelves, 304-grade electropolished stainless steel with wire or ABS plastic shelves.

Check out our Cool Room Shelving below

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